Sunday, February 26, 2012

Moult aesthete.

Retrospective. Order Anura.
Fantasist striver
FinTi Kuper
No. Won't. Order Anura halts?
Anura knows. Anura no's.
Shed, shed. Shed.
Soliloqq. *
Anura soliloqq
* Quoth Anura.
A persona I will never be iwona blazwick personal style signifier plaid winni wool shirt o'er cordslast beautiful thing bought and loved suspended window witching balls thing eyeing next imagine and it will form
people I rely on for grooming and style how fast do they look away best catalogue ever national geographic. if I had to limit my shopping to one neighborhood in one city Barcelona! never been find one recent "find" the solo but already have one need no more speaking of one artist whose work I would collect Cindy Sherman beauty staple I am never without chapstick where is last music I downloaded random rules the waves waft serendip. in my fridge find anchovies best gift I've given recently moongarden motif. and best one I've received recently BOOK for curling borg sweep debris away. favorite websites none follow none why follow anything follow nothing like sled dog ouija. Iwona Blazwick, FinTi 2.18.2012 as untold, ask: Emma Crichton Miller series. Yea, I, FrogsEat, shall enjoy repast grasshoppers, and locusts and beetles, permits Levit 11;22. I shall Grub New Yorker, for bodily experiences generate "new ideas and solutions to problems." Truisms are true. NYT Pick.
Shedding. Follow nothing.

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